Piso wifi pause time is beneficial to avoid excessive data usage and provides the users with the great ability to take breaks from the internet. piso wifi pause is one of the leading internet providers in the Philippines that offer a unique arcade-style internet service known as PISONET, laying the groundwork for Piso WiFi. It was launched in 2017 when the Piso wifi quickly gained huge popularity among individuals and allowed users to access the internet using coins.

Quick view of Pisonet and Piso wifi pause time feature:

Pisonet is the best service introduced in 2011 and replaced by Piso wifi, which uses a vending machine. This rental net service enables users to buy internet access with coins, making it a cost-effective option for those who can’t afford traditional net packages or wish to save money. The is a user-friendly feature mainly created for people with the best knowledge, which is useful for using the internet more easily. If the user would like to access the Piso wifi, they have to log in to the Piso wifi portal,, called the default gateway for the router. 

Advantages of the piso wifi pause time:

When you like to use the piso wifi pause time feature, you have to look at the advantages you can get by using it. The advantages of using the piso wifi pause time where the

  • Users can pause the internet connection for a specific period
  • It provides a comfortable way to take the rest from the net
  • Help users save money instead of using the net continuously
  • Restores net speed by preventing others from using it during peak times
  • Saves bandwidth during server outage situations

You can gain these benefits by using the piso wifi pause to stop the net and use it when you require a net connection.

Step for pausing the piso Wi-Fi time:

It is good to understand how to pause time on piso wifi simply by following the steps provided for you. This step will help you to pause the net accessing time, and also, they are to:

  • Extend the browser and index in the address bar
  • Tap on the pause time to pause your internet connection
  • If you would like to resume, then click on resume time

These steps can be useful for pausing the Wi-Fi time using the feature, which is amazing.

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