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Cannabis E-commerce Startup Jane Technologies Raises $100m After Stellar Growth.

Cannabis $100M series Matt Burns techcrunch

Jane Technologies as the Amazon of marijuana. It’s advantageous to think of Jane Technologies as the Shopify of marijuana; this distinction is crucial. Jane Technologies is attempting something more potent, while other startups are attempting to create a destination marketplace similar to Amazon. The business, which is responsible for 20% of all legalized marijuana sales in the US, is developing the backends for shops that are swiftly bringing their cannabis offerings online. The neighborhood dispensary that sells marijuana online is the future of cannabis, according to Jane Technologies, not a single location like Amazon. Jane intends to power its online store.The company has raised $130 million in total funding since its creation in 2015, announcing a $100 million Series C investment round today. Honor Ventures led the financing, and founding Managing Partner Jeffrey Housenbold joined the board of directors of Jane Technologies.

The increased funding will be used by Jane Technologies to expand its personnel and digital presence across several business units. For both large-scale and small-scale cannabis farms, the company plans to develop additional features and broaden its product line.

As consumer expectations shift, online cannabis retail sales are soon becoming the standard. Jane provides a turn-key solution to establish a strong online presence swiftly.

Co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies has asked:

The co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies, Socrates Rosenfeld, is eager to stress that Jane’s current viewpoint has been developed over time. He claims that this was a gamble the developing a business in 2015 and that the destiny of e-commerce will not be a marketplace but rather the full digitization of all forms of trade. 

Not just in the cannabis business but possibly globally with different retail verticals including alcohol, convenience products, restaurants, and groceries, Rosenfeld said, “I think we are truly experiencing the next phase of what the world of e-commerce might look like. There isn’t a place that presents as many challenges as the cannabis sector, and local businesses now have some digital ties to their neighborhood. Although we have a bit to go, I’m pleased with the team for making it this far. It is directly related to our ability to fund this [$100 million].

Cannabis is frequently mentioned as one of the COVID-19 pandemic’s winners. Sales exploded as the world went dark. Jane Technologies’ statistics provide additional proof. Only 17% of legalized cannabis sales, as per their data, were made online before the outbreak. However, internet sales peaked at 52% at the pandemic’s peak, and as of midway through 2021, according to Jane Technologies, 38% of all legalized cannabis transactions are now made online.

Rosenfeld claims that in 2019, Jane worked with 1,000 dispensaries, had a total transaction volume of $100 million, and had one million users on the site. The business, already collaborating with 2,100 dispensaries, including those in Canada, anticipates reaching a total transactional volume of $3.5 billion in 2021. Even more surprising, the firm has roughly doubled the number of products listed in its product database, going from 350,000 to 700,000, demonstrating a significant rise in the consumer selection of cannabis products. 

Since there was no direct consumer ecology when the cannabis industry was founded, Rosenfeld remarked, “We feel incredibly lucky.” The consumer has to be tied to the product and the retailer, so we had to figure out how to do it. We couldn’t accomplish that by sending goods directly to customers or going head-to-head with retailers; instead, we had to collaborate with them and give them strong e-commerce enablement tools.

Last month, the first Canadian retailer Jane Technologies collaborated with High Tide. The company then released Jane Roots two months ago, a potent all-in-one e-commerce platform that enables dispensaries to concentrate mostly on the front-end layout while Jane needs to take care of the commerce integrations. 

Only some of the e-commerce companies I’ve worked with over the past 25 years have developed into long-lasting global platforms, according to House bold. “Jane has all the necessary components to emerge as the next Shopify or eBay. They are establishing an environment where everyone benefits—brands, retailers, and customers all rely on Jane as the go-to service provider to develop the future of the cannabis trade worldwide. I can’t wait to see Socrates and his team create a remarkable business that will be a terrific place to work and have a reputable name.

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