One of the most brilliant and youthful rappers in India is Altaf Tadavi. MC Stan is one of the most modern hip-hop and rap artists to emerge from Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is a young and excellent rapper from India.

    His stage name is Mc Stan.  He was one of the most divisive rappers in both the Desi hip-hop industry and the Indian rap music scene. In 2018, he dropped his first single, “Wata,” and ever since, he’s been aggressively delivering hit after smash.  He has written several songs, and his latest one, “Shana Bann,” is dominating the Indian hip hop charts.

    Compared to the other artists on the list, MC Stan’s rapping style is conventional. Aside from rapping, MC Stan is a poet, composer and producer.

    MC Stan Wiki Biography

    Among of the youngest Indian singers, rappers, composers, and songwriters is MC Stan. He (Rapper) is a well-known figure in India and a Hip-Hop Rapper. His stage name is MC Stan, but his true name is Altaf Shaikh. For his songs Wata (2018), Khuja Mat (2018), Lowkey (2019), and Khajwe Vichaar (2019), MC Stan is a popular rapper. He most recently released Yede Ki Chadaar on November 26, 2019.

    One of India’s newest hip-hop and rap artists, known by the stage names MC Stan, Altaf Tadavi, or Altaf Shaikh, hails from Pune, Maharashtra. He became one of the most divisive artists in the Indian rap verses scene and Desi hip-hop community after his August 30, 1999, birth. Since the release of his debut single, “Wata,” in 2018, he has been on a trajectory to become a ground-breaking performer. He has released a number of songs and is currently India’s most well-known rapper thanks to his most recent song, “Shana Bann.”

    One of India’s most talented and young rappers is Altaf Tadavi, also known as MC Stan. MC Stan has a different rapping style from the other performers on the list.

    His style of hip-hop is referred to as “New School Hip-Hop.” Along with rapping, MC Stan also performs as a poet, songwriter, producer, and mix engineer. After releasing his debut song, “Wata,” he set out on a goal to release more music. He has released a lot of songs, including “Shana Bann,” which is at the top of the Indian rap music charts right now.

    The Internet is controlled by MC Stan, a well-known rapper who is renowned for his incredible rhymes. His music has a lot of fans. Currently, he has more than 225k subscribers to his YouTube account. You’ll soon see him in motion pictures. His standing rises every day.

    He raps in Hindi and has a unique flair. MC Stan is a well-known Indian rapper, singer, music producer and songwriter well known for his great rap songs. He releases rap music to his You Tube channel as well. He is also a well-known rapper from India on YouTube. She primarily shares videos and clothes from her favourite designers on her Instagram account. MC Stan has an amazing hairdo and is quite attractive and hot. He has a sizable social media following, with more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

    Mc stan’s Age

    Born on August 30 ,1999, In 2022, MC Stan will be 23 years old. His stage name is MC Stan, but his true name is Altaf Shaikh.

    Mc stan’s Family and childhood

    Maharashtra is where MC Stan calls home. In the Pune suburb of Tadiwala Road, MC Stan was reared. Although the identity of MC Stan’s family is unclear, it is evident from his music that he admires his mother and is grateful to them for standing by him during both good and bad times. Mc Stan is an independent Indian musician and rapper.

     MC Stan began making music before finishing his schooling.

    His YouTube channel has 2.81 Million subscribers. He is credited for starting Pune hip hop. Despite coming from a poor home, he worked very hard and was dedicated to becoming a successful rapper.Despite starting from a common background, Stan has made an incredible life for himself and the neighbourhood to which he belongs.

    Mc stan’s Rapping career

    Rapper MC Stan is recognised for dominating the Internet with his amazing rhymes. His songs have a huge following. Soon you’ll see him performing in movies. Every day, he is in a better position. He raps in Hindi alongside has a distinctive rapping style all his own.  Mc Stan is not just an Indian rapper but also a poet, songwriter, music producer, and mix engineer. Rapper Mc Stan stands apart from the competition because he uses a different musical genre and raps in Hindi.