Nicole Flenory, claims to have no connection with the drug industry. If she is known in the media today, it is totally because of Terry and BIG Meech. She’s currently recovering from her past and living her own life in Michigan. 

    BIG Meech and Terry are also known for their part and works as hip-hop artists, with their career peaking in 2003 and 2004. Apart from making songs, the duo also began shipping cocaine to Atlanta. They were finally arrested for their deeds in 2005 and received a penalty of jail time for 30 years. 

    Brief Bio of Nicoale Flenory 

    It was her brother’s BIG Meech and Terry, because of whom Nicole became the infamous sister. Terry and BIG Meech commenced dealing drugs  in the streets when they were in studying in high school. The trio was born and brought up in the same family as siblings. 

    What does Nicole Flenory look like? 

    Nicole comes from an Afro-American family with mixed ancestry. Her black hair, black skin color, and black eyes justify her beauty but there is no information about her height, weight, etc. 

    Family of Nicole Flenory 

    Nicole Flenory is the youngest sister of BIG Meech and Terry, the notorious duo who successfully built a drug trading empire. As both continue to serve their time in prison, Nicole seems to have moved on and is currently living with her husband and two children. 

    Early life and Education

    The trio had enough sufferings of their own as children as their family couldn’t provide much, with all three kids ending up unprivileged. To end the endurings, Terry began selling drugs in Detroit streets; and was soon joined by Meech. Terry and BIG Meech chose drug dealing out of all other earning ways, due to its nature of nonviolence yet a big chunk of commissions at the same time. It was in the 1980s when the onset of their mega trade drug happened. 

    The high school where both studied is unknown, but that’s the exact place where it all began. Both then further pursued a career in the music industry, while Nicole chose interior designing for herself.

    What does Nicole Flenory do for a living? 

    Nicole Flenory mastered Interior designing and given the fact that she lives a good life, she must be making the most use of her degree. However, we don’t know exactly where she studied. 

    Other than that, she was seen in the crime show Black Mafia Family, which was based on their family. As far as the drama goes, Nicole is specified as innocent, and her involvement in any drug business was absent, although most people still believe that she contributed, too. 

    Nicole Flenory relationship status

    Nicole Flenory is married and also has two children. She has not revealed who her husband is, but as per her socials, she’s a proud mama. 

    Achievement and movies of Nicole Flenory 

    Nicole Flenory was involved in the crime series – BMF or Black Mafia Family. The story is based on a real story and represents how Terry and BIG Meech built a massive drug trading route via their influence. 

    Social media of Nicole Flenory 

    He has over 15.8k Followers on Instagram with 145 Following and 8 Posts.

    Net Worth

    Nicole Flenory is said to have a net worth of $5 million. However, it is only an estimation and there is no valid source for confirmation