In this post, we will discuss a famous person’s biography. Of course, it hardly happens that there is a conversation on online games in India, so her name does not come up. Yes, we are going to talk about the famous YouTube star Payal. She is a social media star at a young age and a female YouTuber. Around the world, most people know her through Payal Gaming. She is a popular and familiar gamer in India too. Also, she is a famous content creator who may use her early stages in order to play PUBG professionally. Right now, she turned out as a full-time content creator.

    At her young age, Payal Gaming is an inspiration to many people in order to become female gamers in the future. She streams daily on YouTube and then plays BGMI with her friends and soul. Payal Gaming is a multi-talented person as female, and now she is known by many people over the globe. In case you need to get more information regarding Payal, then with the aid of the post, you may get a solution for all questions.

    Who Is Payal Gaming?

    Payal Chare is another name for Payal Gaming; this is why with this name, Payal started a YouTube channel. In addition, with the name, she went viral over the internet. Payal gaming and aka Payal Dhare was born on Sep 18, 2000, in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. In addition, she was most popular among female esports players, gamers, YouTubers, steamers, social media influencers, and so more in India. She has more fans on her social media platform, with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and another online streaming platform. She plays BGMI daily with her friends, and right now, she is a part of the team S8UL. Payal Gaming has loved gaming since childhood, and she used to do gaming after finishing college. She is 5.5 feet and weighs around 56kg; her eye and hair color are black. 


    Nearly half of her childhood days existed spent in Chhattisgarh, and her education was finished at a nearby Chhattisgarh School. Payal Gaming did her schooling at Bhailai School and her graduation from Mumbai University. Any more details are not revealed on the internet; in case any updating is available, we will update you as soon as possible. 

    Payal Early Life And Gaming Career

    Payal Dhare’s career started with youtube. In 2019, she commenced a youtube channel; however, now, not for making videos on gaming topics. When Payal started making gaming movies, she did not have any special system and centers, but within the year 2019, all her videos went viral, because of which she performed this achievement. Her parents desired their daughter to become an officer, but she desired to come to be a TV anchor, and she used to get comparable recommendations; however, after approaching youtube, she gave up her dream of being a TV anchor because she was given that fulfillment on youtube which these days all and sundry is searching out.

    In 2019, Payal uploaded a video: See how fortunate I am, 28 creates, establishing PUBG mobile. This video made many headlines on the net, and youtube and Payal became movie stars in a single day. Later she also made omegle videos which also were given numerous supports.

    Achievement And Awards

    Payal Gaming, at a young age, she did various achievements and got more awards. Her achievement lists are 

    • Youtube Silver and gold play button
    • Gaming icon of the year
    • Most popular streamer girl of the year 
    • Also, she is famous for her fit and good structure in modeling.

    These are various achievements she did in her entire life. 

    Networth Of Payal Gaming

    Payal Gaming, the primary earnings source, is youtube, and she also makes money thru paid partnerships and brand endorsements. She labored with brands like AMD, Oneplus, Redbull, etc. India’s one of the topmost and most familiar gamers in the lady class, Payal Gaming has a net worth of $ 83.34 thousand in the US. She estimated every year’s income is RS. 13.44 13.80 lacks.

    Her revenue and youtube profits month-to-month income is RS. 1. 12 lacks to 1. 15 lacks, and consistent with video views, her estimated youtube income is $821 to $1. 39k, and she gets around eleven million monthly views on her predominant channel. 


    Payal Gaming is a highly famous girl, and now she is well known by more people in the gaming industry. She is also one of the best content writers regards gaming. In this post, we talked about various details regards Payal gaming, that we have collected the info from various types of research on the internet. I hope you enjoy this post and gain more information about her.